Saturday, June 9, 2007

Thank you # 2

The fabulous, clever, delightfully witty name of this blog is the result of a competition I held on the Knitty Board. One of the ladies who entered (but, alas did not win the main prize) was Linnea in Germany (

This fantastically generous knitter decided to spoil me with the most amazing gifts ... I felt like I had won my own competition! Have a look what popped out of her parcel .......

These are yarns that Knitties discuss all the time on the board, but which I have never seen (and have no access to here in the desert!) NOW I know what the ladies are talking about - I have some!!

JUST LOOK AT THIS YARN .... (Oh, and there was a ball of Sari Silk which escaped being photographed)

And further spoilage ensued .... Sets of double pointed needles, chocolate, tea and THE cutest ladybug stitchmarkers. But, it was not over yet!

Linnea, an excellent and accomplished spinner, decided that I, a complete hamfisted, ignoramus spinner, should be tempted .... She sent me some roving (which is pre-spun yarn), a spindle ... wait ... it has my signature sign-off and LULU painted on it - it is MY VERY OWN PERSONAL SPINDLE .... and a beginner's (read idiot's) guide to spinning .... and an example of what yarn SHOULD look like - a ball of her very own homespun yarn.

Thank you are such small words for such a big and generous gesture, but I just don't know what else I could say. Lots of good knitting karma is definitely coming your way!!

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