Monday, January 28, 2008

THE most deeevine Christmas stocking EVER!

Once again herself with her Christmas parcel to me ...Don'cha wish your knit-pal was SPECIAL like mine? Don'cha?

PS : Sorry this pic is so late ... I had to search all over the computer for it ... Guess in which directory DH saved the photo ...
Christmas? No!
Daughter? No!
Knitting? No!
Abu Dhabi Scenic Places? Yes, of course!!
Men!! You just gotta love them!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Still hanging onto Harry

We received some blue and some silver yarn in our Harry Potter Swap (DD is a Ravenclaw after all!) I wanted to knit her something kinda magical/not-run-of-the-mill, but because (a) there was only one ball of each colour and (b) it is really thick yarn and we live in a desert ... it was difficult to imagine what to do.
But, viola, inspiration hit and this is what it said : Knit a star, knit a cushion ... wait, knit a star cushion!!

I wanted it to be flat, not stuffed with lumpy stuffing (if you get what I mean ....) So I bought a crib matress and cut it to fit. I edged it with black sparkly thread crocheted all around (well, it IS a star, it has GOT to have a bit of sparkle!)
Of course, madam Princess had to inspect it first, but luckily she approved.
It really turned out well, DD sits on it, lies on it, props it behind her back, cuddles with it, uses it as a bed accessory, and just basically lurves it!

Pixieriot also sent us the Charmed Knits book and the embroidery yarn recommended by them to knit a bookmark ... so I knitted it too ...

Let it be noted here and now that this is the VERY very very first time I have actually knitted a pattern EXACTLY as written and with EXACTLY the recommended yarn!!
(Big step for me!!) ... For goodness sake, I even cut the bloody fringes EXACTLY the length the book said!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Knitting for others (Part 3)

Less religious than me, you cannot get
And MORE religious than my sister, you cannot get
Explain THAT if you can!

Sis loves anything with a religious overtone, so, based on the prayer-afghan which I saw on this blog :

We have the prayer bookmark ....

Knitting for others (Part 2)

Ah, baby knitting is so much fun ... but, unfortunately, I don't have any babies to knit for ... or I DIDN'T! Now I am knitting for premature and stillborn babies in hospital (organised by a Knitty Knitter : )

It's like doll knitting - but I guess, they ARE little dolls, aren't they? Bless them!

Knitting for others (Part 1)

I love knitting (in case you didn't know!) but I don't really love wearing stuff that I have knitted for myself ... don't know why, but I seldom knit for myself. So, with that in mind, and now that DD can knit for herself, I am on a charity knitting binge. My first efforts were for injured soldiers in hospitals in America (requested by a fellow Ravelry knitter : )

I don't have much yarn in my stash and there is none available here in the UAE, but I used what I had and these are what I managed to create :

Unfortunately, weeks after being posted, the package was returned to me - in a "slightly dishevelled" state .... note to self : Don't post parcels over Christmas, unless they are FOR Christmas! So, I shall re-post it (and re-pay the Dh150 ... aka 285 Rands ... aka 40Dollars!!) ~Sigh~ Well, I hope when it finally gets there, they like them and can use them!