Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some UFO's came to settle in my home ....

Sometimes, when I read through my blog, I wonder to myself ... do you ACTUALLY do any knitting? Or do you just waffle all day? Well, Yes, I do occasionally knit - mostly then frog, then knit again, then frog again ... now you understand why there are so few FO pics!! But every now and then I do finish something ... Like this :

A friend sent me some Sari yarn to try - it was a small ball and therefore, it became this .... A sweater for my cellphone!! (Which often complains of the cold!)

But, I just gotta say, although it is pretty yarn, it is a f**king bugger to knit with : it is lumpy and bumpy and twists and coils around itself -

In other words, it is just plain crappy!

But at least my little cellphone is as snug as a .... well, as a cellphone in a sweater!