Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well, no ... not a real yak ... let me 'splain .......

Firstly, it would be worth your while to note that I am um ... er ... rather rotund (read "really fat") with broad shoulders and an even broader butt.

Anyhoo, a family member (who does actually LIKE me!) sent me some yarn and a pattern to knit for myself ...

The yarn is very soft and huggable, BUT it is that hairy, fun fur and is a bright blue just to make matters worse!

After the coughing/laughing/snorting fit, I showed DD who declared "Mom, you would look like a YETI or a YAK in that thing!" - Hence the blog title!

I felt obliged to knit the yarn up, but opted for a throw/afghan, which Precious the Cat immediately decided was her long-lost mamma cat, snuggled into it and claimed it for herself! At least SHE doesn't look like a yak in it!