Thursday, August 30, 2007

Look who's chatting on MSN

Do you recognize the avatar on the top right of the page?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Kool Aid is sooo Kooool

(Note : This entry is dedicated to Deb Brown, a fellow knitter without whose generosity, none of this creative wizardry would have been possible. Thanks Deb!)

Last Saturday the Lulu family turned bright red and blue and purple ... no, we weren't angry, we were Kool Aid dyeing!! If you want to do it too, these are the what-to-do's (and some definite what-NOT-to-do's!!)

Start with bare yarn and a truck load of Kool Aid in various colours (oops, sorry, flavours!)
Swat off whingeing daughter who scuttles off clutching packets of said Kool Aid muttering "It's for drinking not dyeing!"

Stop for a bite of spaghetti ... heh heh heh ... soak yarn in water and stir well (NOT!) ... Did someone mention doing it one skein at a time?

Put on plastic gloves (IMPORTANT!) and pose with cheesy smile for the BEFORE picture!

Artistically drape skein over dishes containing dye so it looks professional for the photo

After trying to get artistically draped yarn out of bowls without the colours touching each other and running, decide to use one big bowl with yarn wound round in it

Cover, microwave, rest, rest yarn, microwave, rest yarn, have coffee, rinse yarn, *squeeze out excess water, burn fingers, swear, drop yarn back in water, repeat from *, drape artistically over laundry drying rack, allow to dry whilst cleaning up the wrecked kitchen

Puff out chest and coo like proud mamma at beoootiful colours of yarn produced by own dyed, burned hands

Turn into yarn cakes - delicious enough to eat!
And ... they SMELL so good too!!

Knit up squares to make unique, one of a kind, Kool smelling blankie (and one handbag for said whingeing daughter)

Now, doesn't that sound like fun ... go get some bare, nekkid yarn and some Kool Aid and try it for yourself ... if WE can do it, ANYONE can!!