Saturday, May 17, 2008

And so it continues .....

I can hear you all now ... saying ... "OMG, just what is that Lulu knitting NOW???"

Any guesses???

Well, here are the other constituent parts ...

Aw, a teddy for my other friend "J" - couldn't give "K" the *purse* without giving "J" something too .... She wanted a Mr Bean Teddybear. I thought there would be hundreds, nay ... thousands, of patterns to choose from .... WRONG!! N-O-N-E !! So I designed one from pictures I found on the internet. DH offered to stuff it with foam - no such thing as toy stuffing available here! It grew and grew and grew as DH got more and more enthusiastic with his stuffing (*ahem*). Finally it was the size of a five-year old child. So I had to begin again with a smaller version, which I stuffed with the insides of a pillow that I inherited from the Dubai mega pillow fight (but, that's quite another story!!)

A bit more realistic, I think ...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

NSFW .... A-G-A-I-N !!

...Or, How the Penis Purse became the Penis Picnic Pack ...

You all remember the Penis Purse, don't you?

W..e..l..l, SOMEBODY'S husband was mightily upset when he saw HIS WIFE knitting it - saying "People will think you modelled that midget thing on me!! OMG"

So SOMEBODY'S WIFE said "Give me the measurements YOU think it should be"
And it turned out like this :
(I am not going to take the bait and say anything about there being place for some liquid refreshment and a bag for your nuts)

As compared to the Penis Purse!

All SOMEBODY'S WIFE can say is : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*cough*hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
*wishful thinking*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If Thickness was a Sickness - we'd all be dead!

My very sweet knitting pal, Maryannlucy ... you remember her from previous posts, don't you? ... sent me a fab parcel the other day. And inside was a fab, fab, fab bag knitted by her very own self and felted especially for me ('cause I'm "felting-challenged", you know).
This is the bag ...

You will notice that the straps are not quite equal length ...

"Shame" said DH, "maybe she is old and did not notice they were so different" - "She's young and a very talented knitter", I SNORTED!!!

"Shame" said DD, "maybe she ran out of yarn" - "No way, MAL is a perfectionist, she made it like this ON PURPOSE", I INSISTED!!!

Maybe the long strap goes over the shoulder and the short one around your wrist ... well, only if you are a pretzel!


"Tummm da rumm dumm" *Cue the best Sherlock Holmes detective-type music

I pulled and poked and pushed ....

Nope,that's not right .....

Nor is that .....

And THEN I found it - the secret tuck .... OMG, is this not the most wonderful, clever, exceptional, unique and just plain fab bag you have ever seen?????I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love MARYANNLUCY.

Oh, yes .... did I tell you it is knitted in NORO!

I swear, if she wasn't already married, I would propose to her!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blocked - AGAIN

... also known as : You've got something stuck up your butt - oh,it's your head!

Well, they have done it again - these CLEVER clots who control everything we see and do here -
Ravelry is banned again ... it is listed as a "social site" which, of course, means everyone who logs into it is looking for depraved, degrading, disgusting, amoral, immoral kicks!
... Mind you ... there is the beanis pattern ...


So, until they come to their stupid senses, this blog is my only way of communicating with the outside world ...

Monday, May 5, 2008

All the way from the Arctic ...

Months after it was posted, I finally received a lovely swap parcel from Megera who lives in northern Canada ... this girl sent me PHOTOS of the Northern Lights over her house !! Just how COOL is that??????

Anyway, Precious and I ripped into the parcel and out popped some gorgeous handspun yarn ... a red, then a blue, then a green ... then more yarn - fabulous variegated yarn (I knitted it, that same night, into some slipper socks) ... then more yarn - *faint* sock yarn : 2 balls of grey and 2 balls of denim blue, so soft and squishable ...

And, in between these treasures was a stunning stained glass ornament of the Northern Lights - hung in a window, it is just breathtaking! And a real eskimo mug which is perched on top of the tv so I can admire it constantly. Then there was a packet of teas - such unusual flavours (including Labrador!!) - they have made my whole house smell divine!

Ah, I can just hear you all saying - "what a wonderful package" .... but wait, wait, there's MORE!!

Vogue Knitting Magazine *gasp* and .... Interweave Knits *omg* The issue with the pattern for THE mittens!
Thank you so very much Megera, it was a looong wait, but so very worth it!