Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas was a busy time ... knittingwise

I love love love Alan Dart patterns - they are so clearly written and exact to every stitch ... if you ever get a chance - try one, you won't regret it!

I got so carried away knitting Christmas ornaments (some Alan's and some my own design) that there were too many to hang on my puny little tree, so they just congregated on the table .... next year I will make them into a wreath for the front door.

(In case you can't recognise them, they are ... cupcake, stocking, apple, gingerbread heart, candle, mouse, polar bear, Father Christmas, hat, candy cane, angel, elf, snowman, Father Christmas hat, mittens, bell, wreath, cracker)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So, what did I knit this time??

My dh is no longer shocked when he asks me "What are you knitting, dear?" He is used to getting weird answers, like "A penis purse" or "A yak". So this time, when he asked THE question, he barely raised an eyebrow when I answered "A prawn". Yup, a prawn ... well, sushi with a prawn on top, actually!! For dd who is obsessed with all things Japanese at the moment, especially sushi. So, for Christmas I got her all the doodads that one needs to make one's own sushi and packed them into ..... a knitted sushi bag!!

Her response on opening the present was fantastic ... She looked at it blankly, looked at me .... looked back at the gift ... and as it dawned on her what it was, started yelling ... oh my god, oh my god, OH my god, oh MY god, oh oh oh oh my god! It was hysterical to watch and soooo worth the effort of knitting it!

So, this is what we ate for starters on Christmas day ....