Friday, November 28, 2008

The Birth ...

The Woman said "I don't know if I am ready for this, I don't know how to".

Some women agreed that it would be very difficult and painful, almost impossible. Others disagreed and said "Take our advice, it will be so easy you will want to make many".

The Husband told her "Just remember, I can't help, you are on your own".

She read many books to get courage, she felt sick – but knew this would pass. She had had so many miscarriages and abortions in the past, would it be ok this time?

Finally it was time, she closed her eyes and knew there was no turning back. She began to panic, her husband reminded her to breathe deeply and concentrate. She laboured for many hours, people stopped by and asked how it was going, but nobody could do it for her.

Finally when the last cord was cut, she leaned back and said "I have done it".

She proudly displayed her creation. Friends and family crowded around to see the new addition – Most agreed that it was an ugly, misshapen thing that only the Woman could love. She told them that even deformed and unattractive things have their place and this one would always be special because it was her first.

With time, the pain and uncertainty subsided and the Woman began to think about making another one, one which she hoped would look exactly like her first …. …. And so, a sock was born!

I LOVE Opal sock yarn

I love that the yarn does all the hard work for me ... making it look like I am a "fairisle" wizard. I love that non-knitters think I changed colours every stitch, and sometimes halfway through a stitch!! Suckers!!!

PS : I swear I did not TRY to make the stripes exactly the same ... it just happened that way!

Thursday, November 13, 2008