Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some UFO's came to settle in my home ....

Sometimes, when I read through my blog, I wonder to myself ... do you ACTUALLY do any knitting? Or do you just waffle all day? Well, Yes, I do occasionally knit - mostly then frog, then knit again, then frog again ... now you understand why there are so few FO pics!! But every now and then I do finish something ... Like this :

A friend sent me some Sari yarn to try - it was a small ball and therefore, it became this .... A sweater for my cellphone!! (Which often complains of the cold!)

But, I just gotta say, although it is pretty yarn, it is a f**king bugger to knit with : it is lumpy and bumpy and twists and coils around itself -

In other words, it is just plain crappy!

But at least my little cellphone is as snug as a .... well, as a cellphone in a sweater!


nosenabook said...

You are having so much fun with your blog! (I was sorry for being curious about those pumpkins! euw)

Saw some of your comments on Ravelry and wanted to come over and say hi, and hope you're back soon.

maryannlucy said...

Christmas presents are being wrapped, and we are off to the Post Office tomorrow - haven't forgotten you, honest! Hopefully catch you soon though....hugs x

maryannlucy said...

ok - so your parcel left today - should be 5 days, let me know when it arrives - hugs x