Monday, June 4, 2007

Knitty Swapage

Sandykins ( and I both signed up for the Spring Fling Secret Pal round, but could not wait for it to begin, so we had an unofficial, between-the-two-of-us swap and she was sooooo generous, have a look at what she sent me all the way from Sweeden ....

No, you are NOT seeing things ... she sent a complete set of circular needles - how COOL is that!! Some soft snuggly light green bamboo yarn - gonna make some sox when I get over squishing it!

Raspberry chocolate most of which didn't even make it out of the car ... well, the wrapper did! And salted licorice - a treat from my childhood.

Then there was a gorgeous cross-stitch runner - beautiful colours. Some serviettes with a picture of a painted wooden horse ... from the town that paints them!! I can't bring myself to actually USE them and am seriously looking at using them to decoupage a box ... And a miniature moose keychain/purse which is already hanging on my handbag.

You just can't beat Knitty generosity, can you???

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