Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Talking about wine ..... we WERE weren't we??

Just a little interlude .... and maybe a prelude .... (remember the Wine Blossoms? Well, here comes the pattern, folks ....) But first ....

There is a wine farm in South Africa that is situated right in the middle of a breeding ground for frogs. Yes, frogs! They are protected (the frogs, that is) and at mating time, the frogs have right of way to cross the main road which separates the boy frogs from the girls frogs (kinda!)

So, as you do, the wine farm owners named their wine farm after the frogs .... Paddagang (which means frogway, or frog right of way.) They then went on to name each of their wines in the groggy froggy theme ...

Never let it be said that we South Africans are NorMaL!!

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maryannlucy said...

But I find the best things come out of South Africa, normal or not ;-)

Thank you again, looking forward to catching up when we get back. xxxxxx