Saturday, June 23, 2007

One reason why I knit ....

Knitting Prayer (by Richard Muto - adapted by Christine White)

As my fingers count and caress each stitch
They become a heartbeat, a safeguard and a rhythm of comfort

Row after row, I am lulled into meditation
My journey guided by the rhythm of the needles
The rhythm of the loom
The rhythm of the spinning wheel

Each ancient fabric is my testimony
Stitch by stitch I incorporate my soul into the fabric

I join a long strand of humanity
Whose story is told through the textiles of time

The ancients who braided precious fibres into their hair

Early Egyptian weavers whose delicate linen wrappings
Secured the final journey of the Pharaohs

The earliest mariners whose purposeful knots
Now add beauty to my sweaters

Passed to future generations ...
My stitches of life will endure

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