Friday, June 1, 2007

Beautiful yarn begets beautiful socks

Do you remember the scrumptious yarn that Lori (aka Crazyknits) sent me? In a Random Act of Kindness package that was soooo fabulous .....

Well, I finally stopped snogging it and plucked up the courage to actually wind the skein into a "ball" .... I first had to have help from the knittyboard friends as to how to do that .... being the virgin that I am!!

Then, after ploughing through heaps of sock patterns, finally found one that was worthy of my precious yarn.

I am so proud and excited at how they turned out - my first REAL pair of socks - I am in love with them ...... which brings it's own problem ...... >


There are no pictures of the socks on my feet - no way am I WALKING on them!!
Just as soon as I figure out how to fit them in, I am so FRAMING them!!!


pixieriot said...

they're gorgeous! what a wonderful job for your first ever socks! i'd never guess you hadn't made them before.

actually putting them on and walking on them is the hardest part, that's why i make socks for other people instead of myself. ;-)

Batty said...

Socks, glorious socks! You know, I sort of have the same problem: I'm very, very careful with socks I knit or socks other people knit for me. I never want to wear them for too long because they're so pretty and I don't want them to wear out. On the other hand...

They're socks. Let's get over sock wearing out phobia and wear them!

vegasangelbrat said...

Love the socks!! Great job for first time, better than I, I don't
I see down the page some that youhave a brat cat too :) I also do or should say did, she's been good since the new Demonoid