Monday, July 9, 2007

Wine Blossoms ARE (finally) HERE

(Which Wine is Mine)

Wine Blossoms
are a colourful way
to identify wine glasses
during a party.
Each guest gets a uniquely coloured blossom which is easily removable when they use a new glass

I think I have made my fans wait long enough ... so here is the pattern for the Famous Wine Blossoms ... but first a couple of technicalities :

- Please make them, change them, improve them, sell them, enjoy them, BUT ... please call them Blossoms (you can can call them Sue's Blossoms, Linda's Lovely Wine Blossoms, I don't care, but please, in honour of the wonderful person they were invented for ... call them BLOSSOMS)

- If you DO make them, in any form or evolution - please send me pics - I would love to know who is making/using them, and where, and what YOURS look like. Thank you.

The Pattern : (Now, remember, I ain't no designer, this be my first time, so be gentle with me!)

Yarn requirements : I used Double Knitting Yarn (400cm ... 4metres ...158 inches ... 13,1feet) ... talk about using up scraps of yarn!!

Needles : 3.5mm or 4mm (not too big, you don't want floppy blossoms, do you?)

Cast on 13 stitches

Next row : K1 (Knit into front and back of rest of stitches) = 25 stitches

Next row : Purl one row

Next row : Cast Off 2 stitches* (Knit 2tog, Make 1 to end) = 22 stitches

Next row : Cast On 2 stitches* (Purl to end) = 24 stitches

Next row : Knit one row

Next row : Purl 2 tog to end = 12 stitches

Next row : Cast off ...
It is an odd shape, but don't worry - that is what it should be - odd shaped (like me)!

Fold over lengthwise, thus forming the blossom bumps

Stitch together along short side, leaving the *2stitch cast on and *2stitch cast off bits not doubled .... are you getting this - am I 'splaining it ok? Those two little sticking out parts are where you must sew a press-stud or velcro, which will allow the Blossom to be opened and closed around a wine glass..... got it??

Well, that's it folks - looks more complicated than it is - just like me!!

I tried adding beads to the edges (looked crap because I could only get crappy beads! But I reckon nice beads would look quite larney).

I tried crocheting long ties instead of the press-studs, but the guinea pig I got to try them (namely, DH) tied the knot so tight, we had to cut the Blossom off the glass!! Savage!

Please, have fun, adapt and change them to suit your needs. Let me know what you think and how they work out for you!!


Leslie said...

Thanks so much for the pattern! These little blossoms are so adorable and different from all the "other' drink thingies I've seen. You Rock! Blessings, Leslie

Rennagayle said...

Yea! I've been anxiously awaiting the day you'd post the pattern since I first saw the ones you made. This is such a neat gift idea, as well as something fun to make for myself.

Thank you so much for sharing! :-)