Monday, July 16, 2007

Will Mother Muggle Manage? UPDATED UPDATE!!

I consider DD one of the foremost afficianados of the literary phenomenon currently in vogue .... in other words, she is nuts about Harry Potter!!

At the last book launch, she was super-excited and managed to be Number 100 in the UAE to get the book (at 3.05am!) She had dutifully worn her HP scarf (as megafans do!)

The idea this year was for her to add some more HP knitted garments for her line-up.

Plan A did not quite work out as intended, so Mother Muggle (Me, Myself) has hauled out the knitting needles and is frantically whizzing (wizarding?) up a pair of socks. Naturally, DD did not want plain ol' stripey socks, so we combined stripes, zigzags (scar ala Horcrux pattern) and some liberal thumbsucking by moi! I was stumbling along, having almost completed the first sock, when I realised ....

Urm ... THAT is not much time for a novice like me to bash out a pair of socks ..... I pulled my finger out, finished the first sock and have cast on the second one .....

Bearing in mind, the child does not have feet,

she has YARDS .....


LOTS of coffee later .... we are closer but time has flown too ....

Progress is sure, but slow .... I wonder if she can wear them like this ?

*Sigh* Hubeasts are such odd creatures!

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Stariel said...

I'm rooting for you!