Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am such a lucky *itch

(That's a "w" not a "b"!!)

I strongly believe in the principles of Wicca, which have a lot to do with communing with nature and preserving our fragile world. I don't practice a formal religion, probably because of the Catholic boarding school upbringing I had - but I do believe in meditation and doing unto others ... Not many of my friends or family share my "religious" views, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that my spoilee (downstream) in a recent Secret Pal Swap, shared the same interests. And imagine my absolute delight when she sent me a surprise in the post .... look what I got from her :

A book of spells (already used a couple of them ....), a gorgeous silver charm (already hanging around DD's neck), cards, stickers, seeds and ....

A small broom (besem) complete with spell to protect our home ... (here DD incants said spell and attached besem to the front door)

Thank you Pal
Seeds of Friendship grow strong and Blossom!

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